Tušti narvai   #Social Videos

Tušti narvai -campaign “Fur free Europe”

To raise awareness of the cruelty that animals are subjected to in fur farms. To encourage viewers to sign the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) on banning fur farms and imports across the EU.

The brief:

A video experiment, during which footage of European fur farms is shown to famous Lithuanians. The experiment captures the real reactions and emotions when seeing the conditions of animals that are bred for fur. Famous people draw attention to the problem and immediately sign the ECI, which encourages viewers to do the same.

The solution:


1,565,000 views of the main video  

More than 2,000,000 video views of the whole campaign  

14.4 percent of all signatures collected in the EU are from Lithuania  

Articles in 15min, Delfi, TV3, LRT, Lrytas, Žmonės news websites


Director – Lina Vonsavičiūtė
Producer – Evaldas Valaitis
Producer 2 – Birutė Vaičiūnaitė
DOP – Nikita Voitov
DOP 2 – Valerij Kozič
Camera asistant – Algirdas Shukowski
Sound – Auksė Jurevičiūtė
Makeup – Laura Skubė
PA – German Sedleckij
Sound design – Laurynas Kamarauskas
Voiceover – Rytis Zemkauskas