NFQ – MYOW   #Employer Image Advertising

NFQ – make your own way

To increase the desire to work at the company and the number of new applicants. The aim is to get rid of the serious image, typical of similar firms, and present the company through sharp humour.

The brief:

A series of short films depicting IT professionals as members of ancient communities. Comical situations and dialogues encourage people to leave jobs they are tired of and choose employment at the modern NFQ company.

The solution: 


Director/Script writer- Regis Pranaitis
Producer – Veronika Tamulionytė
DOP – Imantas Boiko
1 Camera asistant – Domas Gudaitis
2 Camera asistant – Lukas Šalna
Gaffer – Deividas Stankevičius
Art director – Tadas Klimavičius
Art asistent – Raminta Šlepikaitė
Style – Patricija Vytytė, Guostė Mickevičiūtė
Makeup – Rusnė Kairaitytė
SOUND DESIGN – Papagoose
Post production – Paulius Biesevicius
Actors- Indrekus Vakaris, Šarūnas Banevičius
Thanks Cinevera Cineskope Rental