DanskeBank   #TVC Advertising


To present Danske Bank as an attractive place to work for people aged 40 and over and increase the number of new job applicants.

The brief:

A series of comical ads depicting employees who have stayed in one workplace for too long. The caricatured situations dispel the notion that older people cannot change jobs and encourage them to choose employment at Danske Bank, where new challenges and opportunities for development await them.

The solution: 

Director – Nerijus Širvys
Producer – Dovydas Šablauskis
DOP – Vytautas Jašauskas
Gaffer – Julius Nosovas
Art director – Rasa Dautartaitė
Style – Barbora Užnytė
Makeup – Laura Skubė
Sound design – Pete and Wolf
Post production – Tomas Rugys
Actor – Saulius Čėpla